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Sunday, 6 May 2018

Wedding Invitations using Stix2 Anything

Well hello there, 
long time no speak or blog. I thought I really need to get back into blogging again. A lot has changed and I am now and I am now into my 2nd month of working for Craft Buddy & Dawn Bibby. It has been so busy with lots of time tight deadlines and very late nights but I am loving it, I hope you are liking my creations if you are a follower of my Crafting with Craig Facebook page 
(was Card Creations)

There's many exciting products and launches coming to Hochanda that all fall under the Craft Buddy Umbrella - Dawn Bibby, Lynette Jasper, Gem it and Crystal Art. I cant wait for you too see whats coming and what iv been up to. 
As time goes on, I will be travelling Scotland (& England when needed) demoing the range of Craft Buddy products for you all to see and get involved with. To keep up to date with all things Craft Buddy, be sure to follow CB on facebook -

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a friend of mine that I used to work with until recently asked me to make her wedding invites. Nicci has been a really good friend and very supportive over the years both personally and professionally. Both of us have been through very tough times but we are both alike where we walked into work, painted a smile on our face and no one would know there was anything wrong. However, Nicci always knew when I wasn't right and I could tell the same about her. However now things are going great for both of us. Because of this I wanted to make Nicci & Garry's invitations special and do everything she asked - which i couldn't of done without the help from Stix2. Nicci asked for a very clean and simple 6x6" square design that was themed Silver and Navy Blue. 
Most of the products used all came from Stix2 Anything 

6x6" Square card blank & Envelope

Navy Blue tinted card stock

White Smooth card stock

9mm x 50m Flush edge double sided tape

Red permanent 8mm x 25m tape runner

Ultra strong Red liner tape (to secure ribbon)

24mm x 24mm Square 3D foam pads

Silicone glue

Pick up pencil

Metric Layer perfect (to check matting and layering)

The following products I have used are by Craft Buddy & Dawn Bibby.

4mm White pearls

Navy Blue Moonshine

Silver Hearts 

Additional products I have used are as followed;
9mm Navy Blue satin ribbon
Hobbycraft Dundee

Heart Lever punch;
Fiskars Punches

Matt Silver Linen effect card;
My own stash

My choice of adhesives has always been Stix2 double sided tape and I am always comfortable using the 9mm size. I like my tape to have full edge to edge adhesion so I know I can be accurate when placing the tape on the back of my projects, so I personally I don't use the finger lift. 
When it comes to repetitive projects such as Wedding Invitations I use Stix2 tape runners. On this occasion I used the Red permanent tape runner that is refillable however I also use the WORLD famous; 
Blue tape runners (4mm x 12m)
It just makes creating the invitation so much quicker, but you are guaranteed a permanent and strong hold.

When it comes to creating height and dimension to my cards and projects i love 3D foam pads. I do use silicone glue but 3D foam pads are my choice. I love them because with the ones above I can cover a wide area on the back of the elements I'm adding height to but I can also cut them to the size I want. Many still think of 3D foam pads as teeny tiny 5mm pads but that is far from the case. The other foam pads I use a lot of that many don't know about are the A4 foam pad sheets. Its exactly as it sounds - a foam pad in 1 big A4 sheet for you to cut yourself.

When it comes to creating my matting and layers I have gone back to my Tonic Studio Guillotine and the layers are in 4mm increments.

I am really happy with how these turned out. I am a big fan of clean, cut and simple designs as to me, this can make it look more elegant. 

Please keep an eye on here for future blog posts. 

Craig x

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Lorre-Anne Archibald said...

Stunning invitations 😍 love the colour scheme x