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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Make the most from your Topper sheet.

Hello, it's been a while since I lat blogged anything so thought it was about time I got on and blogged. 
 This time I haven't done a step by step tutorial on how to make a specific card or project, what I have done is tried to show you how many cards you can make from one Hunkydory Crafts topper sheet. I have added a couple of my own bits and bobs but in general the main element and background is from the topper sheet and coordinated background card. 
 The show you this, I have chosen Hunkydorys Botanique collection that came with their latest Crafting with Hunkydory magazine - issue 31. The topper sheet I have used is titled Birthday Bloom. 
 As you will see from below there are a number of different styles and sizes you can make. Simply by adding some adorable Scorable or if you don't have AD, any coloured card stock such as Bazzill Basics will also work well. As I said, the card finishes are additional but the main cards have been made using the collection. 
 The cards have been created using Stix2 anything adhesives. 

I just used some Cherry Pie Adorable Scorable and gold mirri. The ribbon is from my HD stash and the flowers have been cut using AD. The card candi are little extra. 

 Again, I have used Adorable Scorable and Gold Mirri card. The spider web, now and card candi are little extras. 

This 7x7 card is using the main image on one of the background cards. The border is from the topper sheet. I have added the Adorable Scorable, Gold Mirri card and bow. 

 This DL card is made using a topper and background card. Just added Adorable Scorable and Gold Mirri. 

 Other than the Adorable Scorable, Gold Mirri and ribbon, all I have done is made my own sentiment. 

Hopefully I have shown how far each topper sheet can go and still create lovely looking cards.


Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Stylish Bumble Bee 8x8 card.

 Well hello, thank you for take the time to pop across here and have a look and read of my blog post. 
 Hope you all had a great weekend, what ever trouble you decided to get up to? Did you get some sun? Wasn't the best here but however yesterday (Monday) was a cracker of a day. The sun was out all day and was very warm, so much so I took Beau for 2 long walks, a small walk at night and he even had a water fight with the water hose.  
 I can't get enough of the stylish silhouettes & more specifically the bumble bees. I keep saying my next blog post using the stylish silhouettes with a card or prodject make using one of the other elements and laser cut designs but I keep going back to the bumble bees haha. Not sure if it's the combination of the black and yellow and mixing it up either hexagon stamps. 
 I was going to use my Brother ScanNCut but when I was in Hobbycraft last week, I picked up Crafters Companion new magazine with has some mini hexagon dies and embossing folder so I think this is why I made another card using the Bumble Bees. 
 The backing of the Hexagon apertures is yellow distressed gingham patterned paper from a 12x12 paper pad I bought when I was in Michaels craft store in NYC coming up to a year ago. I love it and always like to combine the use of it with my Stylish Silhouettes. I would walk back to Michaels just to get a lot more paper pads. 
 It wouldn't be a card of mine with out using Bazzill Basics. 2 brands of card stock I always and only use and that's Hunkydorys Adorable Scorable and of course Bazzill Basics. When it comes to cutting my elements I always use my Fiskars products. Other than my 12" guillotine I have by Tonic Studios - all my cutting equipment is Fiskars. 
 Of course it wouldn't be one of my cards without being made using Stix2 Anything adhesives. The only adhesives i use when it comes to my own cards and projects. Nothing will ever come close to beating their products and it's not something I will ever want to try. It's pointless as they can't be beaten.
 It's a slightly longer blog post today but I hope you enjoy it and if you do follow the tutorial, I hope you have lots of fun. 
Hunkydory Crafts;
Wishes on Wings Honeybee and Ladybug laser cuts.
Wishes on Wings - Sentiments and Wishes laser cuts.
Wishes on Wings "Bees Knees" clear stamp set
6x6 Foiled patterned card stock
"Ink me" A4 card
4mm White pearls

Stix2 Anything;
9mm double sided tape - FPAL2732950
19mm X 38mm X 2mm 3D foam pads - S57137
5mm X 5mm X 3mm 3D foam pads - S57083
Pva glue with metal tip - S56890
Low tack masking tape - S56994
8x8" card blank 6pack - S57340

Bazzill Basics;
 Yellow smooth card stock
 Black smooth card stock

Addition items;
 Yellow gingham 12x12" paper - Tattered & Worn collection - Reflections (Michaels store NYC)
Gold Promarker pen
Black Promarker pen
Onyx Black ink pad - Versa Fine 
Mini Hexagon die set - Free with Crafters Inspiration magazine by Crafters Companion
Gemini die cutting machine - Crafters Companion
Coloured/gold parchment paper - own stash 
12x12 paper trimmer and embroidery scissors - Fiskars 


1- Mat your chosen foiled card stock onto a piece of black card stock measuring 16cm X 16cm and then onto a piece of Yellow card stock measuring 17cm X 17cm.

2- Using your 4 1/2cm hexagon die, die cut 4 apertures in the bottom right hand corner.

3- Take your 3 1/2cm hexagon die, die cut 1 aperture in the top left hand corner. 

4- Using the 4 1/2cm & 3 1/2cm hexagons dies nested inside each other, die cut 4 large hollow hexagon shapes.

5- Now using the 3 1/2cm & 2 1/2cm hexagon dies nested inside each other, die cut 1 hollow hexagon shape. 

6- Take your chosen pattern background paper and trim to 14cm X 14cm.

7- Attach your background paper to the back of your foiled card stock using pva glue with metal tip. 

8- Take your yellow die cut hexagons and attach back into the die cut hexagons apertures that have been backed with the patterned paper. 

9- Mat and layer your layers using double sided tape or your chosen adhesives while adding 3D foam pads on the back of the yellow square layer. 

10 - Cut a piece of black card to 20 x20cm, yellow card to 19 1/2 X 19 1/2cm, White card to 19 x19cm and yellow patterned paper to 18 1/2 X 18 1/2cm. 

11- Take your patterned background paper and your triple honeycomb stamp and stamp the image randomly around the edges. Randomly colour in certain honeycombs with gold Promarker and mat onto white card stock. 

12-  Matt and layer all the card stock layers and stamped paper and attach to an 8x8" card blank using double sided tape. 

13- Take your foiled layered hexagon square with 3D foam on the back and place on to your Matt and layered card base. 

14- Using a black Promarker, colour in your laser cut bumble bee and sentiment. On the sentiment and the body of the Bee place a piece of yellow card stock being using your pva glue. Then behind the wings, add a piece of coloured/gold parchment paper also using your pva glue. 

15- Using 3D foam pads on the back of the Sentiment and the bumble bee, attach to your card base. 

16- To finish off your card, colour in 4 White 4mm pearls with the Gold Promarker and attach to your card in all 4 corners. 

Thank you for stopping by. Please keep a watch out for my next blog post. 

Craig X 

Monday, 16 May 2016

A4 Hunkydory Fathers Day Tutorial

Thank you for coming across and having a read of my blog post. Can you believe it's Monday again, where's the weeks and months going? Half way through May. The Suns starting or should I say trying to coming all out all over the country. We have had some lovely days but lately the Suns been coming out about tea time, great eh?
 One good thing about June just being round the corner is Hunkydorys double anual Great British Crafts Festival or GBCF. First off kicking off in Bolton on June 3rd,4th & 5th and this year I'm coming (woop woop) i can't tell you how much I love attending the GBCF at Stoneleigh in The autumn time, see all the crafters I speak to on social media and get to catch up with all the Hunkydory Gang that I only see once a year although I did see some in January when I spend a few days with Ann at Insperations. GBCF is a few days spend with goosebumps 24/7 being apart of the Hunkydory Family. I'm always looked after very well. My transport is booked and ready to go, well I just have to pack of course but I'll wait a few weeks yet :-) 
 So this weekend, celebrating GBCF and Fathers Day both being in June (Fathers Day being 19th) I thought I'd write up a tutorial blog post of a large A4 Fathers Day card using Hunkydorys January Collection - "Heartfelt Occasions Luxury Card Collection" I have combined it with the Spring Edition of the 100 sheets of Adorable Scorable colour card stock and the 50 shades of Mirri card. althoufh its a large A4 card, I have tried to keep it simple so if you are a new crafter or new to Hunkydory then you would be able to create this card. If you don't have the same products as me, you can use what you have in your own stash. It's your card, make it how you want it. There is no right or wrongs. If your happy then the recipient will be more than happy. 
 The products I have used to create this card are; 

Hunkydory crafts;
Heartfelt Occasions luxury card collection
 "Best Dad in the world" topper sheet 
 Coordinated background card. 
Yellow Adorable Scorable - Spring Limited Edition collection
Peach Adorable Scorable - Spring Limited Edition collection
Copper Mirri - 50 shades of Mirri limited edition collection. 
Copper foiled moustache acetate 
2 sheets of "ink me" card stock to create card blank.  
3mm yellow rhinestones 

Stix2 Anything;
9mm double sided tape - FPAL2732950
3D foam pads - S57137
12mm red liner ultra strong tape - S57091

A3 Big score Board - Crafters Companion

*please note, were possible I always gut my card stock to help keep the weight of the card down. 

* To create an A4 card blank. Place the back of 1 sheet of "Ink Me" card against the edge of the scoring board and core down at 1 1/2cm. 

*Place a strip of Red ultra strong tape down the scored edge. Peel the backing off and attach to the 2nd piece of "Ink Me" card and this creates your A4 card blank. 

*Cut a piece of yellow adorable Scorable card stock to 20cm X 28 1/2cm and mat and layer onto a piece of copper coloured adorable Scorable measuring 21cm X 29 1/2cm and attach to your card base. 

*Cut your coordinated background card to 15cm X 21cm and Matt onto a piece of peach A/S measuring 16cm X 22cm and then again, mat and layer onto a piece of Copper Mirri card measuring 17cm X 23cm. Attach to your card base using double sided tape. 

*Take a piece of Yellow A/S measuring 12 1/2cm X 17cm and mat and layer on to a piece of copper Mirri card measuring 13 1/2cm X 18cm. Place on top of your coordinated background card using double sided tape. 

*Cut a piece of your foiled acetate to 12cm X  16 1/2cm and attach to your Yellow A/S card stock using Red Liner tape. 

*Take your framed "Best Dad" topper and remove the centre frame and use on another card. Place 3D foam pads on the back of each section and place on top of your foiled  acetate. 

*Using one of the square toppers, mat and layer onto a piece of peach A/S measuring 6 1/2cm X 6 1/2 & again onto a piece copper Mirri card measuring 7 1/2cm X 7 1/2cm and place 3D foam pads on the back.

*Mat and layer "Happy Fathers Day" sentiment topper onto peach A/S measuring 2cm X 6cm and again onto Copper Mirri card measuring 3cm X 7cm and attach to the top of your card using 3D foam pads. Attach the square topper to the bottom of your card. 

*Take some 3mm yellow rhinestones and place in the corner of your coordinated card stock and the corner of your "Best Dad" topper to finish off your card. 


Please feel free to head across to my Fb and give it a like; 

Here are 4 other A5 cards i have made using the remainder of the toppers and background card. 

This last card has been made using Hunkydorys Gingham patterned card stock bundle.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Your the Bees Knees.

Hello and thank you for popping over and having a read of my blog. This blog post is full of tutorial details, pictures and links to the main products I have used from both Hunkydory Crafts and Stix2. 
When I was thinking of a design of card to make I started by just stamping out the stamps and when I came to the triple honeycomb stamps on the Bees Knees stamp sheet, I instantly thought of some sort of hexagon shape to have on the front of the card. This is when my ScanNCut yet again comes in very handy indeed. The quickness of setting up the shapes on the screen and cutting them out on all the coloured card stock I wanted them cut out of was very much time saving. It's one of those cards that I really enjoyed creating from the start to finish. 
 The products I have used to create this card are as followed;
Hunkydory Crafts;
"Ink Me" card stock
Bees knees Stamp set 
Wishes on Wings - Honeybees and Ladybugs
3mm black gems 

9mm double sided tape
2mm 3D foam pads 
A4 yellow gingham cardstock
Ivory 8x8 card stock - cut down to 7x7"
Non stick craft sheet

Bazzill Basics;
Deep yellow smooth card stock
Black smooth card stock

Spectrum noir pencils 
 Nature set - 094, 092, 044, 108 & 113
 Floral set - 016 & 088
Blending solution
Paper stumps for blending
True black spectrum noir pen
Tuxedo black memento ink pad 
Brother ScanNCut

Step by step;

1- Cut a piece of yellow gingham card stock to 6 3/4" X 6 3/4" and stamp the triple honeycomb design randomly onto the card. 

2- Once stamped, Matt onto deep yellow card stock then again onto black card stock. Then attach onto card blank. 

3- Using the hexagon shape in my brother scan n cut machine, I have cut a piece of the following coloured card stock to each size; 
Black card stock to 6 3/4" X 5 1/2"
Deep yellow stock to 5" X 5 1/4" (outside) and 4 1/2" X 4" (inside)
Yellow gingham stock to 5 3/4" X 5" (outside) and 4 3/4" X 4 1/4"

4- Using the deep yellow hexagon shape, I have drawn a light pencil line around the inside onto a piece of white smooth card stock. This gives me a guide of where to stamp into. 

5- Using your chosen colouring medium, colour in your stamped design. In my case, I have chosen spectrum noir pencils. Once coloured, lightly rub out the pencil line.

6- Using the deep yellow hexagon place onto your coloured image and attach using your adhesive. When I'm place, trim the excess off. 

7- Assemble the additional hexagon layers and attach to the card base of the honey comb stamped yellow gingham card using 3D foam pads. 

8- Take a bumble bee laser cut shape and colour in using a black permanent pen. I have used spectrum noir black pen. Attach to your card using adhesives.

9- Add a few black gems in top corner and card is complete.