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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Rudolph the Pink nosed Reindeer & friends.

So we are now into October, how scary! Funnily enough it's the month to be scared isn't it with Halloween round the corner. So with as Halloween is just round the corner, I have decided to make a........girl pink Christmas card! The products used to create this card is 98% all Stix2 products, including the card blank! Yip you heard me right. Stix2 now do card blanks in a range of different sizes, even better, you get the envelopes to. Not all places supply the envelopes, I know that's crazy isn't it. 
 The stamp Iv used is from Woodware, and is called Rudolph and friends. However instead of colouring it with traditional colours to match the design. I have coloured it in different shades of pinks to make it a very girly card. As I always do with most of my stamped images, I draw around the stamped image with a grey pen. The image and the sentiment is actually also stamped onto white card by stix2. I have cut an A5 card blank in half and stamped the image onto that. The card is smooth crisp and clean and is a lovely surface to not only stamp onto but also colour. It holds the coloured ink very well. 

A5 card blank and envelope (6 pack) - S57342.
A4 pink gingham card (each) - A4250PINKSMALLGHIN
White hammered card stock (each) - A4300WHITEHAMMERED
9mm double sided tape - FPAL2732950.
6mm red liner ultra sticky tape - S57090.
Silicone glue - S57100.
10mm X 1mm X 50m 3D foam on a roll - GPAL110310150
16mm Baby Pink satin ribbon - S57210.
Rainbow white iridescent glitter (2 X 8g tubes) - S57304.
Layer perfect metric - S57321
A5 clear cello bags - S57314

Rudolph and friends stamp (FRS320) - Woodware Craft Collection.
Pink textured card stock - Bazzill Basics.
Tuxedo black ink pad - Memento 

Pro markers pens
Pink lobster
Rose pink
Pastel pink
Dusky pink
Ice grey 2

- I have matted the coloured image on Pink textured card stock by Bazzill Basic and I have placed 1mm 3D foam from a roll on the back to give it extra dimension. 
- I have then taken another piece of Pink gingham card stock and cut so it's 1cm smaller all around than the A5 card blank. 

- Then I have taken a piece of White hammered card stock that's 5mm larger than the Pink gingham (or you can use your layer perfect) and placed a strip of 6mm red liner ultra strong tape all around. Peel the backing off the tape and coat well using the iridescent white glitter. Making sure you rub the glitter into the tape to ensure theirs a full coverage. 

- As double sided tape won't adhere to glitter. Take your Pink Gingam card and place silicone glue on the back and attach to your White hammered card with the glitter edges. Now mat this double layer onto a piece of Pink textured card stock by Bazzill Basics. 

- Before attaching the mats onto the card black, place a stip of 16mm Baby Pink satin ribbon down the left hand size and secure firmly on the back using double sided tape. Now attach to card blank. 

- Take you stamped image that has the 3D foam on the back and attach to your card base. Stamp your chosen sentiment   and mat onto Pink Bazzill card stock. Attach using 3D foam. 

- Tie a Pink bow and attach using silicone glue. 

You could also repeat this process and create a card but for a boy. You could use the Baby Blue gingham card stock, Blue Bazzill Basics and of course colour the image in with blue shades of Promarkers.

Craig x

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Wedding Invitations Featuring Stix2.

When it comes to paper crafting, I spend a lot of my times using collections from companies such as Hunkydory Crafts, or using metal dies from Sue Wilson, Tattered Lace, Spellbinders or even Tonic Studios. I like to make scrapbook pages to help keep the memories alive of times or occasions that Iv celebrated or enjoyed but what I had never done before was make invites or more specifically Wedding Invites. Then a friend of mine Stephanie Chalmers came to me with some ideas she had for her and her husband to be Callum's wedding invitations and asked if I would be interested in making their invitations for them. This was very exciting and such an honour because not only had Steph asked me to make invitations for what will be one of her and Callum's most special days of their lives but Steph knew I had never made invitations before but she still came to me and they both put their trust into me too. They trusted me to come up with an invitation style that could match or come close to what they had imagined in their minds. This can be very daunting as what I come up with and create is one of the first parts of Steph & Cullums wedding that their friends and family will see. To create not just elegance but also excitement in one invitation isn't always easy, actually it's never easy but to also ensure this is carried through into ever single invitation is very hard. 
 One thing in life that can be hard to work through is repetitiveness. This goes for anything when your doing the same thing over and over again. This can make energy levels dip. So when your making invitations and in this case it was 40, I had to make sure I was on the ball and that my energy stayed on level. I know this sounds silly as to some people, I'm "only" cutting car stock. The 40th invitation has to be the very same as the first one. When it comes to certain things in life you may be able to not necessaries cut corners but work slightly different to make what your doing faster without jeopardising the finished product. However when it comes to invitations such as something so special as wedding, "cutting corners" so to speak is simply out the question. Handmade is very on trend and people love to see handmade but that being said, you still want all 40 invitations to be identical. You cant have card stock cut straight and matted and layered perfectly on 37 invites and the other 3 are wonky because your energy level dipped and just wanted to get them completed very quick. Something such as invites or anything your making in batch has to be worked on in my opinion as and when your body and mind are 100% focused on them. This is when you know for sure that you will hand make 40 identical invitation, from the layout, the fonts, the ribbon etc.
 For Steph & Callum's invitations there was 3 elements. You had the invitations themselves but there was also the insert that had all the details for the big day. After creating the look of the insert which was the easy part, the hard part believe it or not was printing them. To print onto such a small piece of paper isn't as easy as it sounds. Because of the size, 90% of the inserts would print at an angle because of the way the card is fed through the printer. So because of this I had to cut them to make sure not only were they straight but each and ever insert was the same size. There was many many times where I would be trimming literally 1mm strip of a single insert over and over again until I had the insert to the right size. Doing that at least another 30-35 times was one of those situations where I couldn't let my energy or focus drop or let my frustrations get the better of me. One solution for this was to print the insert onto A5 card stock then trim to size, this was made easier however there was the trouble of making sure that every insert that I done this way were all the same size. Once done, the matting onto the black card was the easy part. 
 The 3rd element was the rsvp. There was similarly problems with these just like the inserts but it was made a lot easier having the black border where I had a solid line to follow when cutting. 
 Doing all this was worth all the time spend on them. Many nights up till 2/3am working on them getting them right to the way Steph and Callum had  imagined them to be but then to also meet my high standards. 
 The top quality products used to create these invitation made making them easier and fun. Majority of the products used came from one of my favourite  companies called Stix2 who helped me (& Steph and Callum) by supplying myself with all the products in their range that I needed to create the invitation, because of this, this helped to keep the cost down for Steph and Callum. After speaking to Steph she had agreed that as a kind of thank you to Stix2 for supplying myself with the products I needed to create the invites, she allowed myself to post photos and details regarding her invites here on my blog and on my social media pages. 

The Stix2 products I used to create the invites including product codes and links to the products on Stix2's webiste are below;

Blue adhesive tape runner - S56986

12mm Red ultra strong double sided tape - S57091

A4 300gsm White Hammered embossed card stock - A4300WHITEHAMMER

6x6 card blanks with envelopes - S57339


Additional products used are below;

12x12 300gsm Black card stock Bazzill Basics
12x12 White smooth card stock -

10mm Black textured ribbon - Mei Flower Crafts

White pearl heart ribbon sliders - Mei Flower Crafts
Silver glitter card stock 

Throughout the Invitation, insert, poem and RSVP, 4 fonts were used and all came in as standard in Microsoft Word-
Edwardian Script ITC
Calibri Light (Headings)
Niagara Solid
Calibri (Body)

This photo shows you the inside of the finished wedding invitation and the rsvp slip that was inserted into the envelope of the wedding invitation. 


These photos above shows a collection of images of the invitations. It shows the invitations once assembled and the silver glitter card, textured ribbon, pearl heart ribbon sliders and the font used.


The 2 photos above shows the invitations during them being created. It's shows the the blue tape runners by Stix2 that I used to assemble all the parts of the invitations.


Steph also wanted a poem to be on the inside of the wedding invitation. Instead of just sticking the poem inside, I thought I'd make it different by creating a tag and attach it to the inside of the invitation with Stix2 photo corners. This enable everyone who received an invitation to take out the poem and keep it on show instead of having the invitations out at all times. 


If you look close at the above photo, you can just see the texture of the A4 hammered card by Stix2. It also shows the blue tape runner I used to assemble the invitations. 


Although Stix2 are known for their adhesives, that's not all they produce. In their large range, they have a lovely smooth card blank range. For these invitation, I used their 6x6" card blanks. Each card blank pack comes with envelopes. Although that may sound obvious, not all companies supply the envelopes with their card blanks. The envelopes are a good few millimetres bigger on all 4 sides. This enables you to add extra dimension to the invitation or card you are creating and still fit perfectly in the envelope and not to tight. This is what will cause the card to buckle and also squash your design. 


The above pictures show the inserts of the invitation. The inserts have been printed onto a very smooth & gorgeous white card stock by Bazzill Basics. If you couldn't tell by now, I love Bazzill Basics and use it a lot. Don't just print onto smooth card stock. Card stock such as the White Hammered  from Stix2 can be printed onto with no bother. This is exactly what I done with the front of the invitation. There is no spots or smudges because of the texture. The full detail of the text can be seen but it also gives you that luxurious feel. It has then been matted and layered onto Black Bazzill Basic card stock before matting onto the card blank inside. 
(Can you spot the spelling mistake? Thankfully this was only on one invitation)


The poem that Steph had asked to have somewhere on or in the invitation has been typed and printed on to the White Hammered card stock by stix2. As I said above, although the card stock is textured, it still prints onto perfectly without any blemishes but it gives the poem and invitation that touch of luxurious luxury. They have been matted and layered on black card stock by Bazzill Basics. I punched a hole in the tops and fed some black texture ribbon through the top. 


It really has been a fun and enjoyable time creating these invitations for Steph and Callum. It's given me a taster of what is involved when when it comes to making invitations on a large/larger scale. It's taught me that I have to work differently when creating invitations compared to creating cards and what I would change when it comes to the way I work and create invitation on a batch scale. It can very different from making cards, scrapbook pages and other projects. 

So I think that's it, I hope you enjoyed seeing Steph and Callum's                                              wedding invitations. 

Thank you to both Steph and Callum for given me the opportunity to make their wedding invitation, it has been a real joy and privilege to be part of the lead up to your big day. Also thank you for listening to my ideas and suggestions and allowing me to run with some of these ideas I had. 

Also thank you to Stix2 for everything you have done to help me when it came to the products I needed to make the invitation. Nothing was ever too much trouble.

Craig x

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

2016 New York City calendar ft. Stix2

Thank you for popping across to my blog. I really appreciate you taken the time to come across and have look and read of it. 
 Back in June, mum and myself went to New York to celebrate my 30th birthday. New York is a city iv dreamt about visiting for many many years. My love for NYC started over 20 years ago by wanting to visit Madison Square Garden. I have followed WWE wrestling for the 20+ years and every time they are in NYC for an event, they perform in MSG. So from this my love for NYC/Manhattan grew big and bigger. Then last year we decided that because it was going to be the year of my 30th this year then we should stop talking about it and do something about it so we done it and we booked our holiday to NYC. As it happens, the dates worked out that I would be celebrating my birthday while there.
We stayed in the Wyndham New Yorker Hotel which was a brilliant hotel. It looked gorgeous and every member of staff was unbelievably helpful, kind and polite. unbeknown to me, mum had contacted the hotel prior to ask them if they would kindly give us an upgrade as birthday surprise to me, and boy they came up trumps. Our room was on the 37th floor and we had the Empire State Building right in front of our window and to the right we had Madison Square Garden. It wasn't until we checked in that the man behind the desk had said I can see you will be celebrating your birthday while here and that they had issued us an upgrade. Considering by this point it was something like 2am and we had both been up for something like 15 hours straight, I was so excited to be standing in Manhattan but to be told that, well it was simply unexplainable as to how I felt. 
 While there we quite literally done everything with maybe the exception of a few things. One of the stops I had to visit was of course NBC gift shop where I stocked up on f.r.i.e.n.d.s merchandise. Well I'm a huge fan so of course I had to. We done all the sights and locations from Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, Grand Central Station, Central Park, 9/11 and Madison Square Garden - all to name a few. Being in Central Park was exciting not just because its Central Park but my favourite film is Home Alone 2 -Lost in New York, so when I seen some of the areas they filmed in was pretty cool and then to see Rockefeller Centre where they filmed some of the final scenes was also really cool. 
I will be going back to New York City as soon as I have saved enough money but I would like to go sometime from October onwards as this is when Central Park and Rockefeller open up their Winter Ice rink. 
 I could go on for ever talking about it but I won't, I shall crack on with the reason for this blog post - create your own calendar. 

 So, each year Stix2 comes out with a new edition of a create your own calendar and 2016 is no exception. Last year I create my calendar all around our family dog - DJ so this year when I knew my calendar was on its way I knew instantly that this one would be all revolving round our holiday to New York City. 
 This was a brilliant way to collate some of my favourite photos from our holiday that will be enjoyed all through 2016. However it can be enjoyed year after year. It was very hard to decide on which photos to use as I had so many to choose from. not just my photos but mums too. What I also wanted my calendar to be like was a story board so January started with the start of our time in NYC and through out the year you can follow just some of what we done over the 5/6 days. I wanted to add paragraphs that explained the photos and in some cases how I felt. 
 Then come the end of 2016, It's very simple to remove the monthly section on the bottom and then you are left with 12 9"x8" mini scrapbook pages. I had so much fun creating this calendar that it has spurred me on to continue making more in the same style and then combine them into a scrapbook. Such a brilliant way to keep the memories alive for years to come........well until the next time I visit :-)

 I kept the style of the calendar very quite simple by matting and layering all the images and paragraphs. I decide by doing this it would enable myself to concentrate and focus on the photos themselves as well as the words in the paragraphs. I didn't want the focus to be taken away from the photos so that it also why I choose not use any gems or ribbon or any additional embellishment. 
In case your unable to read the paragraphs in the pictures, I have included the paragraph again in larger font under each picture of each month.

 The 3 kinds of card stock I used are all from Papermill Direct. They are; 
 White seal embossed card stock 230gsm
 Turquoise card stock 250gsm
 & Black smooth card - 250gsm
However, the White seal embossed card and turquoise card stock are ex promotion card from PMD so a suitable alternative that can be used is;
 White linen card stock - 255gsm
 & Teal plain card stock - 240gsm
 These are both in their standard range which can be found at
 They do have many different varieties of white card stock to choose from too. 

To assemble the card I of course as always used Stix2 anything products, and I used 12mm double sided tape to assemble the calendar  I wanted to make sure that the whole calendar would stay together over the 12 months and beyond. Matting and layering the photo and layers were done with standard 12mm double sided tape but when it came to attach the whole matted and layered photo, i used the 12mm ultra strong red liner tape. I also used the Red liner tape to attach the matted and layered base to the calendar its self. By doing this, I know the calendar will stay in one piece. On certain area where the paragraphs over lapped the pictures, I used the 2mm foam pads. This just ensured the paragraphs were on an even layer to the photos. The products I used are;

2016 create your own craft calendar -

12mm double sided tape - 

12mm ultra strong red liner tape -

Layer perfect Metric -

When we arrived in Manhattan New York City on the 19th June 2015, when we checked in, it was then I was told that Mum had contacted our hotel – The New Yorker beforehand to tell them I would be celebrating my 30th birthday while there. They very kind and upgraded our hotel room, a room that had a stunning full front view of The Empire State Building. To the side was Madison Square Garden and the back view over MSG was the Hudson River. Both of which can be seen the photos on this page – These were the very first 2 photos I took when we arrived in New York City.


On our first full day in New York City – the 19th June 2015, we done the open top bus, we done both of them, one took us down town and the 2nd took us up town. It was on this open top bus we first experienced Times Square. I genuinely cannot describe in words the feeling I got when we turned the corner and there it was – Times Square. To see the New Year ball sitting high above, New York police dept., Hard Rock café and then there was the “Red Steps” where Jay-Z performed and filmed his version of “Empire State of Mind”. Simply Phenomenal.


On the 20th June 2015 we done the sights of down town Manhattan. When we first arrived down town we were booked to climb to the top of “The Statue of Liberty” – or “The Crown”. This was a perfect position to see the New York skyline. To actually be there standing at the top of “Miss Liberty” herself and see the sky line up close and personal was one of those moments where you can’t help but think in a world the size it is, only a tiny % will of experienced                                    what we have just experienced.


When we were down town Manhattan on the 20th June 2015 one of the places were very emotionally keen to visit was of course the area of the then World Trade Centres. I don’t know what was more emotional, the fact that I couldn't help picturing myself there the day of September 11th when the tragedy occurred. Trying to imagine what all these innocent people were feeling and the fear inside them was just that – emotional. Then you had this gorgeous water memorial feature in the place of where the World Trade Centres were that had everyone’s name who died in this tragedy. These people were innocently working away, walking to work, heading to school or university, out for a walk or doing what Mum and myself were doing and that was having a holiday in Manhattan seeing the sights.  


On the 20th June 2015 we visited down town Manhattan where we finished off our attraction sightseeing by crossing one of the world most famous bridge – The Brooklyn Bridge. This was an experience that gave me goosebumps. To be standing on the bridge that everyone knows and that has been seen in Tv shows and Hollywood films but just simply amazing. How could me and mum not walk across the bridge and not take a self of ourselves together  


On the day of the 21st June 2015, my 30th birthday. We visited a few sights of uptown Manhattan. This included the world famous Grand Central Station. As we walked in, this was one of those WOW moments. Not only the size but the décor inside was so detailed and elegant. We had a walk through their Grand Central Station Market on the bottom floor then stopped for cold drink. It was at this point that I lost track of how many tracks there was inside, which was 171.


My love for New York City actually stems from the dream of visiting MSG - Madison Square Garden. For over 20 years I have watched WWE wrestling and when they are in NYC with a big event or P.P.V it will take place in "The Garden" so this is where my fascination for Madison Square Garden and then NYC began. 

"New Kids on the Block"
TLC & 
50 Cent

On the night of my 30th birthday - 21st June 2015 i got to fulfil my dream and attend a concert inside "The Garden". To be sitting inside MSG on my 30th birthday with my mum and live this dream and moment with her was not only emotional but it is at this time a moment and an occasion that will never be beaten. 


This photo was taken on 22nd June 2015.                                                                                                                                                      Mum & myself spent the whole day in Central Park and even then, we only managed to walk round half of the Park. It was not only a dream but it was an honour to be standing in Central Park New York City.

This Photo was taken on the bridge that shows                                                                                                                                               The Plaza Hotel in the background. The small light gravel area to the left hand                                                                                                  side is where in my favourite film                                                                                                                                                                   Home Alone 2 – Lost in New York                                                                                                                                                                    Kevin first came across the Pigeon lady.   

On the 22nd June 2015 when we were in Central Park, Mum had booked a Horse & Carriage ride for us both. Our horse who is pictured here in the photo was called Jimmy. This was such a fantastic way to see additional parts of Central Park. It was also like a mini tour guide as the rider was telling us information regarding Central Park. Information ranged from historic information such as it being a man made park and how the rock formation is the only natural parts of the park and how they stop Central Park from sinking into the water. He gave us information regarding films and also Tv shows such as the water fountain in the park was the one used in the opening credits of the Tv hit F.r.i.e.n.d.s – which I never knew. 


After we visited Central Park on the 22nd June 2015, one of the sights we stopped to visit was The Rockefeller Centre. In the winter they replace the seating area with a winter ice rink. Just behind the gold statue at Christmas time is where one of the world’s largest Christmas trees sit. Not forgetting this is the sight in Home Alone 2 where Kevin is emotionally reunited with his mum.


On our final day in New York City – 23rd June 2015, mum went and done some shopping and I went and visited the Empire State Building. This is where I experienced the most spectacular views I have ever seen. 360 view of Manhattan. I honestly can say I don’t think I will ever experience a view ever again that comes close to what I seen from the top of the Empire State Building. 


On the 23rd June 2015 after I visited the Empire State Building, I decided to go and spend the rest of the day in Central Park. I loved Central Park so much I had to go back. I sat for hours in 2 different spots just watching the world of Central Park go by. On the final spot I sat at was on top of this very large rock that over looked the carnival which is the spot where the Central Park winter ice rink is situated. 


I hope you have enjoyed looking at my 2016 calendar I have created with my pictures from New York, as well as reading about each photo. 
Having Stix2 given us the opportunity to create a calendar with precious memories is something i'm really thankful to them for as my photos would still be sitting on my ipad. This has given me the reason to sit down and relive my holiday and create visual memories of my holiday for all to see for at least 12 months. 
Thank you to Stix2.

If you would like to have a look at the full range of products Stix2 have then head across to their website -
or if you have any questions then drop the girls in the office an email at

If you havnt already, please nip across to my facebook page specifically for my cards which is

Please feel free to share any of my posts that are on here - my blog or my facebook page. 

Thank you once again, your time is very much appreciate 

Me in Central Park

Craig xx

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

A5 glaze gel pen flower strip stamp card

So again, it's been a while since I have last blogged a full post so thought it was about time i wrote one up. 
 Just under 2 weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited by Hunkydory Crafts to work along side the team at their GBCF - Great British Craft Festival where I was assisting all weekend in the workshops. I had a blast, on the Friday I was working the full day with the truly gorgeous and talented Christine from Pinflair Crafts. In her work shop she was teaching the class how to make a wee fabric fold up pocket where you could store long items such as scissors, bone folders, embossing tools etc. it was interesting to see and of course one I had to get my head round the way it works and assembly I was excited to help and show others how it would come together. I was darting about so much because with Christine being the ledgened she is, I wanted to make sure she had everything she needed and for her to do as little as possible - after all that was what I was there for. 
 On the Saturday morning I was with the equal gorgeous and talented Anne-Marie Cottrell where in her workshop they were making the butterfly note let box. That was fun, not only being in Anne-Marie's companies but I was in my comfort zone - Hunkydory products. We had a laugh and giggle got to chat all Hunkydory talk with the Hubkydory fans. I thought I may of slipped up with information regarding the then up and coming Hunkydory 4 Day Deal on Create and Craft. Thankfully, photos had already been show on fb - phew! 
 On the Saturday afternoon and most of Sunday I was with yeah you guessed it, the gorgeous and talented Ruth where we make the Boutique Chic shop front concept project. This was slightly harder for many to get their heads around but a lot of laughs were had. 
This was one I had to get my head round quick because I hadn't actually made one. Like usual when it comes to concept cards, we're don't usually make them, we on the design team have to come up with something different. I think many had the enjoyment of watching me figure it out. 
 THEN, my 2nd lass class of the day I was very excited about, I was with Francoire Read where she was teaching  colouring with Sakura gell pens. Well I was fascinated to say the least. I had gone all weekend with everyone either shouting my name or saying excusing me to all of a sudden be in the lovely calming room where everyone was all zoned out and concentrating on their colouring. Not only was I fascinated by this but I was full of enjoyment of listening to Francoire explaination and demonstration. So much so after the class I was ready to run out and buy the products used. Francoire was very kind and gifted me a set of the pens she used in the workshop. I had already bought some Woodware stamps the day before but I still went out after the class abought some more aswell as the bauble stamp she used in her workshop. Below you will see my creations using Francoires techniques used in the workshop. 
 Finally the last work shop of the day and the weekend I was with the lovely Sarah McCrossan in her mdf workshop where they were making these lovely 3D Christmas trees. I wasn't assisting much in this class because I had to clear the room from the previous class with Francoire but I did enjoy watching Sarah aswell as everyone come up with these gorgeous creations. 
Now that I'm home I have been having a play with the gel pens aswell as the stamp sets I bought. I used the same techniques that Francoire used in her workshop which was blending the 2 inks together. The blending I only done on the petals and the buds. The background was made by using a yellow brush pen and then going round the edges in a green brush pen. The out line border is simply just a squiggle that Iv drawn free hand using the 0.4 black fine liner pen. It's been matted onto a piece of black card from Papermill Direct. I attached to card base using 3D foam pads, make sure you give a good coverage, if you don't then it will dip in the centre. The patterned paper layer is from DCWV - Die Cut With a View and is layered into white linen card and again onto black card, both from Papermill Direct. The A5 card blank is a piece of white plain card from Papermill Direct, folded in half to create the card blank. I added a sentiment that came with the stamp and matted it on to black card. I added a few pearls to the corner to finish the card off. 

Products used to create this card;

White super smooth card - 300gsm.
White plain card - 255gsm. (Card blank)
White linen card - 255gsm.
Black smooth card - 250gsm.

9mm double sided tape - FPAL2732950
19mm x 38mm x 2mm 3D foam pads - S57137.
A5 cello bag - S57314

Daisy panel stamp - Woodware.
76mm x 200mm x 3mm acrylic block - Woodware.
0.4 pigma micron black pen - Sakura.
Yellow green brush pen - Sekura.
Fresh green brush pen - Sekura.
Sekura glaze gel pens - 803,805,817,819,821,824,829,836.
ONYX black ink pad - VersaFine.
5mm white pearls - Mei flower.
Patterned black paper - DCWV. 

Main panel before attaching to card base. 

The back of the panel with a full coverage of foam pads to ensure it has a stable and even balance.

Craig x

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Garden full of flowers 8x8 card.

It's been a while since I sat down with a paper pad and inks and just made a card from these elements. I had a lot of fun last night cutting up my 12x12 paper pad  and cutting elements out to colour with my distress inks and water brush.
 I was in The Range early this week and they had these lovely 12x12 paper pads on sale at £2.99 each. Seeing this was a great deal I bought 2 different ones. They are from a company called - Craft Sensations. They are double sided 12x12 papers with some of them having having 4 6"x6" matts on one page for you to cut out. There are additional elements such as borders and speech bubbles. The pad I used was called Romantic Fine Art and is all based around love, or at least the colours are all based around love. I have kept the card based around Love or Romance and kept the colour theme quite simple. I used a 12x12 page cut down to 8x8 and mat and layered on to Poinsettia red Adorable Scorable card stock by Hunkydory Cards. I then attached to my card blank.
 I cut 2 6x6 squares from one of the pages and distressed the first 6x6 square using Fired Brick distress ink and a distressing tool - the first square being the small rose head and leaves. 
 The 2nd panel was a larger rose head in the bottom right hand corner. I took my non stick craft mat and rubbed some of the Fired Brick distress ink on to the mat and using a water brush, I coloured and gave more detail to the rose head and leaves. I added extra colour/shade where needed to give it dimension. The joy of this image is it has shaded areas already on the rose head/petals so it was easy to just add extra highlights where the shading was already situated. I used Peeled Paint distress ink and a water brush to add extra shading to the leaves of the rose. You can see from the first picture below the difference between the rose that is on the page and the rose once I have added extra colour to it. (Rose on the left is the rose I coloured).

Both the 6x6 squares have been matter onto Poinsettia red Adorable Scorable and the first mat where I distressed the edges has been attached to the card by using 1mm foam pads (or 1mm foam on a roll) this adds slight dimensions and helps detract from the card base. The additional layer with the main rose design has a piece of 16mm double faced satin ribbon by Stix2 wrapped around the left hand side. This mat has been attached to card using the 4mm sheet from the A4 foam pad sheet. This really helps to give dimension and helps separate the 2 6x6 layers, each given them their own reasoning for being on there. 
 I then tied a bow in the same ribbon and attached to the bottom using silicone glue. Then I added 6 pearlised red card candi - 3 on each side. When it comes to card candi, I personally find it so much easier to attach the foam pads to the back of the candi first and then attach it to the card, that's just me. 
 The saying is a saying I read a few years ago, and since then, it has alway stuck in my head, so as a rose is a flower, I thought it was very appropriate to add this typed phrase onto the card. I attached the sentiment using 3mm foam pads but I double decked them so the sentiment stood out the most height wise. 
 I had so much fun and really enjoyed myself making this card by playing with the paper pad and inks. It's something I will make sure I do more often. 
 The products I have used to create this card is below;

 Romantic fine art 12x12 paper pad - Craft Sensations.
 Poinsettia red Adorable Scorable - Hunkydory Crafts. 
 Fire brick distress ink pad - Ranger.
 Peeled paint distress ink pad - Ranger.
 Blending tool - Ranger.
 Medium water brush - Kuretake.

Stix2 anything. 
 9mm double sided tape - FPAL2732950.
 Silicone glue - S57100.
 5mm x 5mm x 3mm foam pads for card candi - S57083.
 50mm x 1mm x 50m roll of foam tape - GPAL11035150.
 A4 foam pads sheet - S57182.
 16mm red satin ribbon - S57209.
 Pearlised red card candi - Craftwork Cards.
 8x8 card blank - Craftwork Cards.
 Font - Edwardian Script.

Craig x