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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Hunkydory's "Butterfly Bouquet" Collection

I have written the following off my own back. This is my feeling and pride regarding Hunkydory. Nothing is going on between myself and Hunkydory crafts. I just felt I would write this blog post about Hunkydory crafts because many do ask me why I love the brand. 

When it comes to paper craft collections then in my opinion you don't get any bigger or better than Hunkydory Crafts. I say paper craft collections but it's it's more like card at 350gsm for the background card and 300gms for the topper sheets, these 2 with the mix of Adorable Scorable & exceptional foiling is a recipe for perfection. That's not all, you can then add on elements included with certain collections such as encapsulated glitter, pearlescent card and even foiled acetate. These are just some elements that make not only the Hunkydory Crafts Brands a success but also in my view, makes the Hunkydory team some of the most hard working team/family in the crafting industry. They strive to give the crafting universe what they want and not only when they want it but before us crafters even know we want it to ensure they are ahead of the race for when it comes to seasonal and yearly trends. 
One of the other elements Hunkydory are famed for when it comes to their collections are the concept card elements. Their standard "and I say that loosely" collections enable us crafters to go crazy with our imagination and create cards and projects to how ever we want. The Hunkydory team back at Hunkydory Towers and on the DT (including myself) work hard to offer a range of ideas for crafters to get started whether we are beginners or seasoned crafters and also should we be unsure of where to start when we receive our collection. The variety of ideas given stem from ideas leaflets, on screen demos, website tutorials, social media including the likes of Twitter, Pinterest and of course facebook. Where as their fun and quirky concept cards and projects are there to add just that - fun and also a different spin on the collection. It enables you to create a card or project that is a 3D model and creates movement. However the concept card expand even more if you use them in a way they were not intended for. Strip them back and use the main elements to create you own unique card that was originally designed to be created a specific way. 
 The list of possibilities are endless with What you can create. When you start to bring in their adorable scorable, diamond sparkles, paper pads, ribbons all to name a few the hours, weeks and months of fun you can have is quite simply mind blowing. Origami with their double sided papers, gift boxes, frames and everything else you think of. 
 The Hunkydory Crafts brand and the Hunkydory family really do go all out to offer you not only top quality, not only value for money but also versatility in every single collection they bring to us crafters. 
 This is why I adore and love the Hunkydory brand and the products they bring. I will continue to be honoured and have pleasure of being on Hunkydorys Design Team for aslong as they will have me but also for as long as I'm crafting, Hunkydory will always be part of my crafting life. 

Just some cards using Hunkydorys new pick of the week collection on create and craft - Butterfly bouque. 


britishgirlie said...

I so totally agree with you. My favorite brandishing. X

Loli said...

Hola Craig, very interesting to see a cardmaker man!
Hunkydory, have a really beautiful images and papers.
Fantastic cards and good job!
Hugs from Palma de Mallorca

craig laird said...

Glad it's not just me that feel this this way. They are a lot of people's fav card company.
Holy loli, lovely to hear from you. Hope it's sunny just now. Certainly not here in Scotland - oh well. Can't have it all. X

Susan Bredehoft said...

You are absolutely right Craig! I think Hunkydory is awesome!! I am so thrilled that HD is now shipping directly to the USA. Now, we too can have the latest most fabulous Hunkydory Kits delivered right to our home! I love the cards and other creations you have made. Thanks for the great ideas!