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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Happy New Year photo frame using Stix2

Afternoon, Hope everyone is well and had a happy new year as well as a great christmas. It seems like a while back now. The decs are down, the tree is down and life is back to normal. Now that 2015 is here, its time to get cracking with projects i want to get made.                                                           

First off this frame project -

The products i have used are;

Stix2 products;
6mm Red liner tape - S57090.
6mm Double sided tape - FPAL2732625.
Hot glue gun - S57234.
Hot glue gun sticks - S57235.
Perfect layer Metric - S57321.
Craft sheet - S57132.

Additional products;
Dark duck egg textured card - Bazzill Basics.
White textured card (x2) - Bazzill Basics.
Duck egg box photo frame - High street store.
Coloured decorative stones - High street store.
Hook clips - Diy or craft store.
Hook screw - Diy store.


Taken your first sheet of White card and cut to 8 1/4" x 10" 
Your Duck egg card cut to 7 1/2" x 9"
Your 2nd White card to 7" x 9 3/4


Mat and layer your card stock and roughly position your coloured stone on your mat so you have an idea on where they sit. Tip is to take a picture of it so when it comes to sticking them down, you can refer to your photo.


Assemble your frame back together again with your mat and layers behind the glass. 


The inside of this frame measures 8" across so i measured half way in at 4" and then 1/4" into the frame and made a mark.


Refer to your photo and using your Hot glue gun and glue stick attach your coloured stones onto the glass panel frame. There's no need to hold the stones down as they already have a bit of weight to them so that will help secure the stone down. 


Now take your hook screw and screw it into where you have made your mark. You will need to press firmly when turning the screw hook. You may find it easier to do this before you attach the stones.


Once the hook screw is in place, simply hook on your hook clip.


Taken your chosen photo and matt and layer it onto matching card stock (optional) and grip into place using the hook clip and let it free hang.


Hope you like what i have made, any questions please feel free to message myself. or if you have any Stix2 enquires feel free to contact them.
Thank you 


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Alizabethy said...

Great idea - love it!