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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

2016 New York City calendar ft. Stix2

Thank you for popping across to my blog. I really appreciate you taken the time to come across and have look and read of it. 
 Back in June, mum and myself went to New York to celebrate my 30th birthday. New York is a city iv dreamt about visiting for many many years. My love for NYC started over 20 years ago by wanting to visit Madison Square Garden. I have followed WWE wrestling for the 20+ years and every time they are in NYC for an event, they perform in MSG. So from this my love for NYC/Manhattan grew big and bigger. Then last year we decided that because it was going to be the year of my 30th this year then we should stop talking about it and do something about it so we done it and we booked our holiday to NYC. As it happens, the dates worked out that I would be celebrating my birthday while there.
We stayed in the Wyndham New Yorker Hotel which was a brilliant hotel. It looked gorgeous and every member of staff was unbelievably helpful, kind and polite. unbeknown to me, mum had contacted the hotel prior to ask them if they would kindly give us an upgrade as birthday surprise to me, and boy they came up trumps. Our room was on the 37th floor and we had the Empire State Building right in front of our window and to the right we had Madison Square Garden. It wasn't until we checked in that the man behind the desk had said I can see you will be celebrating your birthday while here and that they had issued us an upgrade. Considering by this point it was something like 2am and we had both been up for something like 15 hours straight, I was so excited to be standing in Manhattan but to be told that, well it was simply unexplainable as to how I felt. 
 While there we quite literally done everything with maybe the exception of a few things. One of the stops I had to visit was of course NBC gift shop where I stocked up on f.r.i.e.n.d.s merchandise. Well I'm a huge fan so of course I had to. We done all the sights and locations from Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, Grand Central Station, Central Park, 9/11 and Madison Square Garden - all to name a few. Being in Central Park was exciting not just because its Central Park but my favourite film is Home Alone 2 -Lost in New York, so when I seen some of the areas they filmed in was pretty cool and then to see Rockefeller Centre where they filmed some of the final scenes was also really cool. 
I will be going back to New York City as soon as I have saved enough money but I would like to go sometime from October onwards as this is when Central Park and Rockefeller open up their Winter Ice rink. 
 I could go on for ever talking about it but I won't, I shall crack on with the reason for this blog post - create your own calendar. 

 So, each year Stix2 comes out with a new edition of a create your own calendar and 2016 is no exception. Last year I create my calendar all around our family dog - DJ so this year when I knew my calendar was on its way I knew instantly that this one would be all revolving round our holiday to New York City. 
 This was a brilliant way to collate some of my favourite photos from our holiday that will be enjoyed all through 2016. However it can be enjoyed year after year. It was very hard to decide on which photos to use as I had so many to choose from. not just my photos but mums too. What I also wanted my calendar to be like was a story board so January started with the start of our time in NYC and through out the year you can follow just some of what we done over the 5/6 days. I wanted to add paragraphs that explained the photos and in some cases how I felt. 
 Then come the end of 2016, It's very simple to remove the monthly section on the bottom and then you are left with 12 9"x8" mini scrapbook pages. I had so much fun creating this calendar that it has spurred me on to continue making more in the same style and then combine them into a scrapbook. Such a brilliant way to keep the memories alive for years to come........well until the next time I visit :-)

 I kept the style of the calendar very quite simple by matting and layering all the images and paragraphs. I decide by doing this it would enable myself to concentrate and focus on the photos themselves as well as the words in the paragraphs. I didn't want the focus to be taken away from the photos so that it also why I choose not use any gems or ribbon or any additional embellishment. 
In case your unable to read the paragraphs in the pictures, I have included the paragraph again in larger font under each picture of each month.

 The 3 kinds of card stock I used are all from Papermill Direct. They are; 
 White seal embossed card stock 230gsm
 Turquoise card stock 250gsm
 & Black smooth card - 250gsm
However, the White seal embossed card and turquoise card stock are ex promotion card from PMD so a suitable alternative that can be used is;
 White linen card stock - 255gsm
 & Teal plain card stock - 240gsm
 These are both in their standard range which can be found at
 They do have many different varieties of white card stock to choose from too. 

To assemble the card I of course as always used Stix2 anything products, and I used 12mm double sided tape to assemble the calendar  I wanted to make sure that the whole calendar would stay together over the 12 months and beyond. Matting and layering the photo and layers were done with standard 12mm double sided tape but when it came to attach the whole matted and layered photo, i used the 12mm ultra strong red liner tape. I also used the Red liner tape to attach the matted and layered base to the calendar its self. By doing this, I know the calendar will stay in one piece. On certain area where the paragraphs over lapped the pictures, I used the 2mm foam pads. This just ensured the paragraphs were on an even layer to the photos. The products I used are;

2016 create your own craft calendar -

12mm double sided tape - 

12mm ultra strong red liner tape -

Layer perfect Metric -

When we arrived in Manhattan New York City on the 19th June 2015, when we checked in, it was then I was told that Mum had contacted our hotel – The New Yorker beforehand to tell them I would be celebrating my 30th birthday while there. They very kind and upgraded our hotel room, a room that had a stunning full front view of The Empire State Building. To the side was Madison Square Garden and the back view over MSG was the Hudson River. Both of which can be seen the photos on this page – These were the very first 2 photos I took when we arrived in New York City.


On our first full day in New York City – the 19th June 2015, we done the open top bus, we done both of them, one took us down town and the 2nd took us up town. It was on this open top bus we first experienced Times Square. I genuinely cannot describe in words the feeling I got when we turned the corner and there it was – Times Square. To see the New Year ball sitting high above, New York police dept., Hard Rock café and then there was the “Red Steps” where Jay-Z performed and filmed his version of “Empire State of Mind”. Simply Phenomenal.


On the 20th June 2015 we done the sights of down town Manhattan. When we first arrived down town we were booked to climb to the top of “The Statue of Liberty” – or “The Crown”. This was a perfect position to see the New York skyline. To actually be there standing at the top of “Miss Liberty” herself and see the sky line up close and personal was one of those moments where you can’t help but think in a world the size it is, only a tiny % will of experienced                                    what we have just experienced.


When we were down town Manhattan on the 20th June 2015 one of the places were very emotionally keen to visit was of course the area of the then World Trade Centres. I don’t know what was more emotional, the fact that I couldn't help picturing myself there the day of September 11th when the tragedy occurred. Trying to imagine what all these innocent people were feeling and the fear inside them was just that – emotional. Then you had this gorgeous water memorial feature in the place of where the World Trade Centres were that had everyone’s name who died in this tragedy. These people were innocently working away, walking to work, heading to school or university, out for a walk or doing what Mum and myself were doing and that was having a holiday in Manhattan seeing the sights.  


On the 20th June 2015 we visited down town Manhattan where we finished off our attraction sightseeing by crossing one of the world most famous bridge – The Brooklyn Bridge. This was an experience that gave me goosebumps. To be standing on the bridge that everyone knows and that has been seen in Tv shows and Hollywood films but just simply amazing. How could me and mum not walk across the bridge and not take a self of ourselves together  


On the day of the 21st June 2015, my 30th birthday. We visited a few sights of uptown Manhattan. This included the world famous Grand Central Station. As we walked in, this was one of those WOW moments. Not only the size but the décor inside was so detailed and elegant. We had a walk through their Grand Central Station Market on the bottom floor then stopped for cold drink. It was at this point that I lost track of how many tracks there was inside, which was 171.


My love for New York City actually stems from the dream of visiting MSG - Madison Square Garden. For over 20 years I have watched WWE wrestling and when they are in NYC with a big event or P.P.V it will take place in "The Garden" so this is where my fascination for Madison Square Garden and then NYC began. 

"New Kids on the Block"
TLC & 
50 Cent

On the night of my 30th birthday - 21st June 2015 i got to fulfil my dream and attend a concert inside "The Garden". To be sitting inside MSG on my 30th birthday with my mum and live this dream and moment with her was not only emotional but it is at this time a moment and an occasion that will never be beaten. 


This photo was taken on 22nd June 2015.                                                                                                                                                      Mum & myself spent the whole day in Central Park and even then, we only managed to walk round half of the Park. It was not only a dream but it was an honour to be standing in Central Park New York City.

This Photo was taken on the bridge that shows                                                                                                                                               The Plaza Hotel in the background. The small light gravel area to the left hand                                                                                                  side is where in my favourite film                                                                                                                                                                   Home Alone 2 – Lost in New York                                                                                                                                                                    Kevin first came across the Pigeon lady.   

On the 22nd June 2015 when we were in Central Park, Mum had booked a Horse & Carriage ride for us both. Our horse who is pictured here in the photo was called Jimmy. This was such a fantastic way to see additional parts of Central Park. It was also like a mini tour guide as the rider was telling us information regarding Central Park. Information ranged from historic information such as it being a man made park and how the rock formation is the only natural parts of the park and how they stop Central Park from sinking into the water. He gave us information regarding films and also Tv shows such as the water fountain in the park was the one used in the opening credits of the Tv hit F.r.i.e.n.d.s – which I never knew. 


After we visited Central Park on the 22nd June 2015, one of the sights we stopped to visit was The Rockefeller Centre. In the winter they replace the seating area with a winter ice rink. Just behind the gold statue at Christmas time is where one of the world’s largest Christmas trees sit. Not forgetting this is the sight in Home Alone 2 where Kevin is emotionally reunited with his mum.


On our final day in New York City – 23rd June 2015, mum went and done some shopping and I went and visited the Empire State Building. This is where I experienced the most spectacular views I have ever seen. 360 view of Manhattan. I honestly can say I don’t think I will ever experience a view ever again that comes close to what I seen from the top of the Empire State Building. 


On the 23rd June 2015 after I visited the Empire State Building, I decided to go and spend the rest of the day in Central Park. I loved Central Park so much I had to go back. I sat for hours in 2 different spots just watching the world of Central Park go by. On the final spot I sat at was on top of this very large rock that over looked the carnival which is the spot where the Central Park winter ice rink is situated. 


I hope you have enjoyed looking at my 2016 calendar I have created with my pictures from New York, as well as reading about each photo. 
Having Stix2 given us the opportunity to create a calendar with precious memories is something i'm really thankful to them for as my photos would still be sitting on my ipad. This has given me the reason to sit down and relive my holiday and create visual memories of my holiday for all to see for at least 12 months. 
Thank you to Stix2.

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Me in Central Park

Craig xx

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