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Saturday, 26 January 2013

Dogs Trust

Good Evening, you will of seen from my new photo on my card creations page, comments & sneak peak pics that i have been working on a special range of card. This is for charity, but its for Dog Trust charity. i will explain shortly as to why im focusing more on Dog Trust & least on NACC - crohns & colitis. Many people like myself love dogs. Friends, family, work friends, fb friends, crafter friend etc so I wanted to try do abit more to help dogs trust. So what I have done to start with is I have created some cards with amimals as the theme, i will be making cards using all different kinds of animals, not just dogs. The 1st load of samples iv made are using Joanna Sheets furry friends cd rom where. I will be however using all different animal stock from all companies especially Kanban!!!!!!. SO, What I will be doing, is cards I sell or cards requested that will b made using this animal range will have 50% of the sale go to dogs trust, it may be more, the reason being the only money I keep is going to cover my costs. So the limited about of stock I use, the more money goes to DogTrust.
However it won't just be this animal range. If you place an order for a card through me & when you receive it, it has a yellow dogs trust sticker on the front, I will be also given 50% of this card to Dogs Trust to. So as you can see, I really am desperately committed to doing what I can in 2013 to help dogs trust.
What's amazing is that, DOGS TRUST are doing what they can & helping me. They are supplying the sticker, posters, leaflets, form, animal booklets all to name a few. They will also have small bits about me in their quarterly magazines. Raising money isn't stopping there, I go through alot of ink for my printers & I send my empty ink cartridge into a free post dogs trust envelope where they get the money from recycling, so I asked them if I can alot more as when you place an order, I will be asking if you need one of these envelopes to put your empty cartridge in. (You don't have to place an order, you can request an envelope through myself) there's some more things that are in the planning but I'm keeping quiet just now as in preparation, I will have to make ALOT of charity cards.
This is my plan anyway, as well as growing Card Creations itself this year. So with your help, i know we can make a difference & ensure that "Dogs Trust never put a healthy dog down"
Quickly about NACC - unfortunately I will be slowly drawing back my support of NACC (crohns & colitis) as a charity, they should be grateful for all the money they get, they are not. For small people like myself, they don't appreciate the small donations. To simply get an confirmation letter to say I did give them my donation at the end of 2012, they have told me I have to pay for it - abit of paper to say I have paid £49 donation & they are charging me. They are charging me per envelope for recycling ink, & charging me for a small roll of stickers. They say they won't help me unless my donation is above a certain amount. Personally, I am not going to spend my time & use all my stock for charity who are so unappreciative irrelevant of the fact that I suffer from crohns. It's not right, it's not fair I won't do it.
Dogs trust have told me that cause i am raising money for them, they do not expect money for the items they are given me. Simply cause they are issuing them to me to help me raise money for them. (Although I will be given them an extra donation for stickers & envelopes - out my own pocket).
Apologise for the long essay, but I wanted you to know all my plans for Dogs Trust & where I stand with NACC.

Thank you & please head over to my fb page to like it.

Craig laird


Sandra said...

Good for you, Craig. My dog Lucy came from Dog's Trust so I will certainly get some more cards from you soon. x

Avril Ann said...

Fabulous work Craig, and I often have ink cartridges, which I could donate, if you let me know how to get an envelope, sorry about the NECC, seems a shame, when we were taught that "every penny counts" hope you raise lots for the Dogs Trust, this is the 1st time in my life that I have not had a Rescue Dog...I have Jet, my wee poodle, whom I have wanted since a wee girl, and decided that my last dog (probably) would be him...good luck Craig xxxx

Card Creations said...

Thank you Sandra, thank you avril. Yeah it's a shame so that's why I would rather focus my time & stock on a charity you appreciates it. What you can do is pm me on fb with your address and I can send you some. It's a free post envelope so it doesn't cost you. There's an slip with it that if you would like some envelopes sent to you then you can. If not just contact me & I'll send you some. Thanks again. Xx

Nicola Jayne Saul said...

Craig my love you are an angel, you work hard. I absolutely agree with your decision, you should not have to pay for these things when you are donating the money in the first place, and working hard to do it. I for one, totally agree and from me I wish you lots of good luck. I just know you will raise lots of money for the dogs trust. Dogs are so special, they help to heal, they are company, offer lots of love for very little in return. Unconditional love thats what they give us, and I think your charity is a very worthy cause! XXX

Card Creations said...

Thank you Nicola. I really appreciate that. It's hard cause I have the illness but I just though its not fair. I said to dogs trust I would give them money for all the stuff, but they said why would any charity want money for the stuff like stickers etc as they as a charity are issuing them to me as a way of helping me to raise money for them. I would be given them addition donation through the year & would of done the same for NACC, it was just being told no you can't get unless you pay. Just feel its not right. Any way, decision is made and I'm happy to have dogstrust as my main charity. Thanks for your help xxx